To Be a Sterling Scholar

As a senior that has participated in the Sterling Scholar program, it is my duty to help convince the majority of the junior population to consider, please, please, consider becoming a Sterling Scholar for the upcoming school year. 

To be a Sterling Scholar is quite a high honor. A combination of leadership, community service, and category excellence, it is hard but satisfying work. Over the course of a year, the work put in towards the essays, the portfolio, the service work, and beyond to excel in the program will be strenuous and stressful, but it will also be fun if you truly enjoy the process.

There are 14 categories to which anyone can apply–however, picking one that interests you and satisfies an academic itch within you might suit your interests in choosing. Along with that, a higher GPA is recommended, as are intended service projects. To be a Sterling Scholar is to serve the community with a higher purpose. However, you don’t have to take it as seriously as religion. As a fellow Sterling Scholar myself, I wasn’t religiously involved in the community; I just chose services that interested me that interested the public as well.

The turnouts for runner-up and winning this competition are amazing opportunities for scholarship money. Along with that, you get bragging rights, amazing experiences, and good hatches to scratch onto your resume. It is an awesome opportunity if you play your cards right. 

I was the English Sterling Scholar; I won the regional title for my category. If any junior is interested in taking my service project from under my hands, I am more than willing to introduce you to Ruth at the library to digitize the antique yearbooks within that building. Along with that, I can pass on the leadership of the creative writing club. Both are fun and engaging! 

To apply to be Sterling Scholar, talk to the advisor Mrs. Settle in her classroom. The deadline to apply to be one for the next school year is April 19th. Please, consider! It is fun. Once I’m graduated and gone, I’m excited to see where the next grade takes us in the Sterling Scholar competition.