Cailyn Cunningham

Cailyn (Kay Kay) Cunningham is a sophomore at Juab high school. No one actually calls her Kay Kay…it’s usually Cailyn. She enjoys painting things her parents throw at her to “decorate”. She values her grades mainly because she wishes to leave the town and maybe the state entirely. Cailyn enjoys reading and writing fantasy novels, but can’t seem to stop procrastinating to actually finish any of the works of art. Her love for writing grew at a very young age when she was asked to write what happened during her summer before 3rd grade. However, she ended up writing something that did not actually happen, which may have also had a hand in her talent to add that piazza to her writing. She is an editor and article writer at Juab, because sports didn’t quite work out. She chose to work for the Clarion group, because she’s hoping to earn scholarships to help her in her quest to leave and go to college. Cailyn’s main dream is to not only go a whole day without someone demolishing her name, but to also work for Marvel Studios, as one of their many glorious writers. “I am burdened with glorious purpose.” Said by Loki, is her main source of inspiration. It’s either that, or go into debt as an English and Literature college professor.