Keyana Robertson

Some of Keyana’s interests are her cat, Mittens. She also likes to go outside and go explore when she is able to. When Keyana is not outside she likes to sew, play games online, and also lip sync to her favorite songs. She likes to text and talk to friends alot, and she loves her family.

Keyana does not have a job, but she hopes to soon. When she does get a job she is planning on buying herself new speakers for her future car. While she is not able to drive just yet she still has a desire to have loud speakers in the back of her car.

Some of Keyana’s favorite music genres are, Nu-Metal, Hiphop, Rap, Hyper-pop, Hardcore rave, and also very mellow/chill music. She really will listen to anything, but not really a fan of country music. She basically lives in her earbuds, you will probably never find her without at least one earbud in her ear.

You can find Keyana either in her room, or outside of her porch after dinner. She enjoys looking at the sunrise and sundown, it is very calming and reminds her of certain people. She also likes to take photos of the sky and sunrise whenever she thinks it is unique. All clouds are unique so you can find many photos on her phone.

Keyana doesn’t have any quotes, but she does have some advice: “Don’t think too much about other people, and just be yourself. There’s a very small chance that you will see them again after highschool/college”.