Track & Field Meets Updates 24’!

This last Saturday, The Track and Field team had a team talk about the weather; it was not like any of the other meets; it was snowing badly and super windy. They had a small group for events since most people were gone on spring break. In fact, there were only about 8 girls and 9 boys that competed. Regardless, they all did their best in their races to get a PR or get close. We were competing against Richfield, Delta, North Sanpete, West Valley etc. In the 200 meters the girls in the fastest heat decided to not full sprint it but Rowdie Savage still PR’d. 

Unlike the last track meet, the Delta track meet was fairly good weather to compete in. There were many schools who attended, all around Utah. For example: North Sanpete High School, Maple Mountain, South Summit, Carbon, and Juab. The events went smoothly and people enjoyed the meet, especially for it being the second track meet of the season.  It went on pretty late but it was worth it. Many people on the team said they loved the meet. 

The Spanish Fork track meet was chilly and rained later on which was not fun. Many people attended this meet. There were two shade tents up, one large and the other tiny. The smaller one even broke due to the extreme winds. 

Spanish Fork had some different schools like Payson and a Utah military school. Someone from a different school is not sure what school but highly positive he is from Payson High School.  Zayden Cook threw a 30 feet shot put which shocked everyone because the guy did it multiple times.

We had one track meet here at Juab which was fun and exciting for everyone. They were put on two separate days, one for JV and Varsity. At the varsity track meet, Zach Prior from Spanish Fork jumped 5 ‘9 ft and Jack Wilkey from North Sanpete jumped almost 6ft. What’s really impressive is that the student from Spanish Fork had no practice and it was only his second time doing high jump. The Juab track members watched in awe and amazement. Especially since some of the Juab high jumpers were there jumping but didn’t make it to the finals. That’s my update on the 2024 track season so far!