Awesome Welding Opportunities at Juab High

Juab High School is great at giving students awesome chances to learn how to weld through hands-on CTE pathways. These programs are all about getting your hands dirty and gearing you up for a career in welding.

Why Welding Matters

You know what’s cool: Welding! It’s used in lots of industries like construction, fabrication, fixing cars, you name it. Juab High School totally gets this and hooks students up with programs to dive into the world of welding.

Hands on learning

At Juab High School, it’s not all textbooks and lectures. Nope! You get to play with all sorts of welding processes and techniques. They make sure you’re safe while you learn, and by the end, you’re a pro ready to go into the welding world.

Top-Notch Skills

Juab High School makes sure you’re up to date with what’s happening in the real world of welding. They teach you the latest tricks with the same tools they use in the field so when you go out into the real world you’re ready.

Real Life, Real Work

Internships are the bomb! You get to team up with local businesses and do actual welding work. This isn’t just about practice; it’s the real deal. Plus, you get to meet people who might just hook you up with a sweet job in the future.

Lots of Paths to Pick

After graduating from Juab’s program, you’ve got options. You can jump straight into a job or keep learning in a welding-related field. Loads of grads from this program land awesome jobs or head off for more education in more advanced welding schools.


Juab High School’s welding pathways are the real deal for Juab’s students. They set you up with hands-on training, teach you the latest in welding, and give you a bunch of paths to choose from for your future. It’s not just about high school—it’s about getting you ready for an awesome career or more education down the road. Juab High School is definitely a great start for anyone wanting to get into the welding industry.

Trey Greenhalgh working on his personal project.