Spice up the Moment with Nephi’s Upcoming Taco Bell

Nephi gets a Taco Bell

Nephi is known for their many options in fast food (except for a McDonald’s). They are constantly adding to the town in hopes to get on the map. As a small town that is trying to welcome travelers and new move-ins, it’s important that the town has options and attractions. One of which is a Taco Bell that will be located near the town’s new Maverick. Along with a possible Costa Vida. New hires who are looking for a chance to gain experience should look into the taco making option. Possible opening is planned for the beginning of January of next year. All protocols have been handled and the next meeting is scheduled for January 6th. At the end of the town that is known for passing travelers, it will be the perfect place to stop at the many options available and will hopefully bring more visitors and move-ins.