Last Game for State Golf

Lets talk about golf. We had a state game a few days ago. State golf played championship we placed 7th out of 21 other schools.
I don’t know a lot about golf but apparently the lower the score the better. On the first day Jimmy lead with 6 birdies which was a fantastic start. Kauner had 4 birdies the second day. Hustan and Kayden played good as well. Everyone did a great job and had fun.

The first day we shot 324 which was a little above there goal 300. The second day we scored 330. We started good but then I think stress was in the air. All in all we did really well. Unfortunately this was the last game for golf season.

State game players

Kauner Kay

Jimmy Rosenbeck

Westan Bosh

Houston Lunt

Logan Jones

Kayden Lynn

Jimmy played lights out good — tied 6th in points. He got 8 birdies 74, 88 high schools best score 162.

Kauner played really well. He got 4 birdies 85, 76 total 161.

Westan 82, 83 total 165.

logan fourth for us 83, 83 total 166.