Juab High Volleyball Defeated by The Delta Rabbits

At six-thirty on Wednesday, on October 12th Juab’s Volleyball teams had a home game against Manti. 

        Before warmups all of the seniors were recognized. First they announced the seniors from the Manti team. Each of them and their coaches were given a small gift. Then the Senior Lady wasps were announced with their parents. This year we have six Seniors: Sierra Greenhalgh, Maddison Wall, McCall Crippen, Mackenzie Chappell, Taigelle Alred, and Avia Stowell. Each of them received a gift basket and many of them awards.

     As usual Juab started off the first match strong. Unfortunately, the wasps seemed to burn out just as the Manti rabbits got fired up. Juab lost all three matches.

     The Juab’s student pit was as fire as ever. Although there were less people there than usual, everyone there had good spirits. The theme was Roast the Rabbits. The dress up was aprons. Practically everyone dressed up. Some kids brought pots, pans, and cooking utensils. 

    Juab’s volleyball teams need good school spirit. Please continue to come and sport our wonderful lady wasps. Juab High Volleyball is ready to win their next game.