Mamma Mia Makes Magic on Stage: Juab Drama Department

The Juab drama department put on the spectacular Mamma Mia musical in the fall of 2023. Starting auditions in September and ending with performances in November, it is no doubt that the entire Mamma Mia production was a sacrifice for students and the dedicated teachers. The joy that it brought to the ones participating in the musical was a beautiful feeling shared among the cast. Although it was a flawless show with 4 nights on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday, that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its chaotic moments. 

Saturday, the second night, had its misadventures. 2 of the main roles were not played by the original actors, but by Reagan Millet and Zach Saez. They only had a few hours to prepare, however they did an excellent job of portraying the characters they were assigned to. The roles were Sky, being played by Zach Saez, who had no experience beforehand in theater, and Reagan Millet for the role of Tanya, who was an understudy. This could’ve been a very stressful experience, but instead, the cast and crew were able to stay calm and teach Zach and Reagan the roles with ease. 

Many citizens of Juab county watched the musical in awe and informed the wonderful directors, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, that this was by far the best show Juab High School has ever done. The amount of support and encouragement given to the cast and crew was overwhelming. All the success of the show was largely due to the devoted directors, hard work from the entire cast, lighting from the Johnsons, costumes by Shelley Coray, choreography by various students, and set design by just about everyone involved. The committed seniors who really made this show possible were Leah Thorn, Sebastian Padilla, Enoch Dye, Averee Hatfield, Maddy Carle, Emmy Fechner, Pressley Hair, Matthew Goates, Henry Everett, Hannah Echols, Nathan Bonzo, Tyler Stoker, and Rylee Ludlow. 

Thank you to everyone who watched the amazing show!