Dancing in the Rain at Senior Ball

Finally, it is winter, and finally, the senior ball has come around for the graduating students of Juab High School. A tradition our school loves to celebrate, senior ball is similar to a prom, specific to the seniors.

Tonight we dance…in the rain

Occurring on the second of December, the upcoming week towards the dance is spent practicing the dances for the floor show, made during specific class periods so the seniors can practice. The songs, following the rain theme, are as follows: Like the Rain by Alex Sampson for the slow song, and Umbrella by Rihanna as the fast song. The practice will be perfect once the night comes!

Along with the fun theme, the senior ball royalty this year are as follows, and pictured: Sebastian Padilla and Kiki Lowe, Senior Ball King and Queen; Braxton Hooper and Ava Cuff, 1st Court; Zack Saez and Rylee Ludlow, 2nd Court, and Mason Ekins and Lucy Richards, 3rd Court. 

The senior ball chair, Tara Jenson, named the theme for this year as “Dancing in the Rain,” and here she quotes her experience with planning the dance:

“The difficult part was picking the theme,” she explains. “You have to pick something original and memorable that also fits with songs and decorations. But all of it was really fun, actually. I really enjoyed deep diving into research and finding things to the theme that would also fit my style, and be something that everyone would enjoy.” 

The dance is this upcoming Saturday, and the most fun will begin once the night starts!