Christmas Antics: Holiday Traditions

As December has finally rolled by, and 11 months have come and gone, the best time of the year has dawned upon us. It is Christmas time! Bathe in the glory of red and green, of holly and silver garlands. The students of Juab High, with all of its diversity, might have some different opinions about Christmas, however. What are some traditions and opinions that the kids of our school live by? 

What time do you put up your Christmas tree? 

What is the most acceptable time to raise the plant high? Ariel Kelsey, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, claims that she put up her beloved tree on the last day of November. However, others hold true to putting up their tree the day after Thanksgiving. Some even wait until two weeks before the famed holiday to put the tree up. 

Would you rather get one big present, or 5 little ones? 

The consensus across the population is that most people would rather get 5 little ones over one big one. Unless, of course, you’re junior GrayCee Wilkinson; she’s expecting a big one this year. 

Elf-on-the-Shelf: yay or nay? 

A common tradition in a lot of households is the insertion of Santa’s elf in the home. These creatures move on their own in the night to play pranks on household members or leave funny messages. What do you think of these animals, technically intruders, in your home during the holidays? And are you required to fill a stocking for it before it departs? 

While there are many traditional happenings in the lovely, joyful month of December, whatever you or your family does to spend the time away before the year ends is totally and fully up to you. Enjoy the holidays, eat lots, and have the best time you ever can!