New Beginnings For Girl’s Wrestling

Girls Wrestling; usually we only know boys to be the wrestlers. Especially if you know Juab you’d know we’re known for our amazing boys wrestling team and that they have won state for the past 5 years! Everyone is very proud of wrestlers and how dedicated they are and how much work they put in. 

It’s exciting that Juab has taken on making a girls wrestling team! It’s awesome to think that our school will have girls to represent and not just boys. This year for our brand new girls wrestling team they are  19 members strong, and the biggest team in 3A! 

All the girls on the team are so excited for this new journey that they are going to take on. All girls have started practicing hard and are preparing for their upcoming season. They will be a great symbolism to girls to try something new and go out of their comfort zone. They can also show boys that this isn’t the only sport for them that girls can do hard things too. 

We hope the girls have a great season and wish them the best of luck!