Wish To Share Your Writing? Solution: The Epiphany

What is the Epiphany?

      The Epiphany is Juab High School’s literary magazine. Juab High School students who have submitted their work will have their writing and/or their art added to the magazine. Copies of the Epiphany will be printed.

Want to submit your work? Here is what you need to know.

                 To submit your work please email it to the writing club President at haylie.winn@m.juabsd.org. The Epiphany will organize student works into 4 categories: Poems, Short Stories, Art work, and Miscellaneous writing.


                  Writing may be in the format of poems, short stories, or miscellaneous works. Each student can turn in writing up to five pages. (Writing may be as short as you wish but it can’t be longer than five pages.) You may put your work in under your own name or a pen name. Writings can be about anything and have any font or size. 

          Art work:

                Students are also encouraged to submit their personal artwork. Art can be of any subject or medium. Images don’t have to relate to any writing. If you wish for your art to be placed with a certain piece of writing, please state the details in your submission.