Understanding Utah Weather

What to expect in the Beehive State

Welcome, fools spring! You had us thinking winter was over. Especially with that groundhog we all bowed to. We looked for its shadow. So why is it still cold? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Utah. The Beehive state is shown for the skiing and snowboarding locations as well as the Mormons and churches on every street. 

Utahns know that the second winter has already made its move when we had 60-degree weather and then a sudden snowstorm. You can’t have a sudden snow storm without some rain. Utah’s weather doesn’t disappoint. Why have just rain though? HAIL! More like all hail, the imbalance of weather. Pray we have one good day this week where we can wear a shirt and not regret it. 

Once the second winter has made its return, then we get to enjoy the spring of deception. We think it’ll be warm and nice. Mother Nature may even tease us with a random Thursday where we get 70-degree weather. We’ll all go outside and watch as our seasonal depression melts along with the frost on the hills. Biking, walking, or even dramatically strutting down the sidewalk with your “gurls”. 

We’ll all be outside, enjoying the gift of lies. Then guess what? The third winter. With all this slush and sudden melting of the land and the dirt beneath our boots, the third winter will cause a mud season. But don’t fret; folks, actual spring will greet us soon enough. Spring will bring a breeze, and summer will smack us in the face with the heat we all hoped for during the second winter. 

We’ll get our prayers answered, and summer will loom over us and cause the usual fires and droughts. Good thing we all enjoy a nice bike ride now and then. False fall will give us a moment to breathe and relax in the sun without needing a spray tan. The second summer will take its final bow and last a week before the actual fall kills everything around you. At least we’ll have pretty colors for a month. The mountains will have us hiking and going for long drives before we start all over again. Good luck, Utah, and enjoy it while it lasts.