Welding CTE pathway opportunities here at Juab.


Here at Juab High School, we have a lot of great opportunities for our students with our CTE programs. These prepare students for a career with some very helpful life skills like cooking and computer skills. Our school continues to improve these programs and offer more opportunities for completers like scholarships and job opportunities. 

One of our most promising pathways is our welding program that has already greatly helped some of our students go on to have some great careers and be successful. The program teaches many things beyond just welding. It teaches you how to become a full on fabricator, able to work in many challenging situations that will give you a great advantage in the field of welding when you are looking for work.

The course also teaches you to use tools that are used in the field so you get the full experience and skills for when you’re out in the field and need to be ready to impress employers. The course is also taught by someone who has worked in a lot of different fields of work and does a great job of teaching the students everything he knows so they can be better prepared for real life. 

Some students who have been pathway completers have gone on to work for some amazing companies that recognized the skills they learned through the program and hired them into some great jobs. They wouldn’t have been ready without the help of the school’s programs. Some other students went on to further learn and study at trade schools with the help of scholarships awarded to pathway completers who showed excellence in the subject.

The CTE program is an amazing way of preparing for a future career in many different fields of work like fabrication and welding. Thanks to the work of the counselors and teachers we have at Juab, us students can have a great head start in our future endeavors in the workforce.