History of pixies

  I think almost all of us know or listen to Pixies. They were one of the biggest bands in the 90s. But do you know how they formed? They formed back in 1986 when singer and guitarist Thompson went by the stage name black Francis. And his college roommate Joey Santiago decided to make a band. They put out an ad looking for a bassist that was “into Husker Du and Peter, Paul, and Mary,” 

         Kimberley Deal joined the band after seeing the ad. but she showed up to the rehearsal without a bass in fact she didn’t even know how to play the bass. She also brought along her friend David Lovering who gave up the drums in his teen years. With the band formed they had to come up with ideas for the name after a while of brainstorming Santiago randomly found the word pixies in a dictionary because he liked how it sounded. With a new name they started to play in Lovering’s parent’s garage and shows at bars in the Boston area after a while of playing in bars they decided to make their first mini album 

          “come on pilgrim”. It came out to a good amount of success and got the band out there. After “Come On Pilgrim” the band Made their first full length album “Surfer Rosa” which came out to insane success with the album inspiring Kurt cobain with writing his album “Nevermind” David Bowie even complimented them. After the phenomenal success from surfer Rosa they made their arguably best album “Doolittle” which also came out to very positive reviews after this album the band would release a few more albums before breaking up in 1993 due to arguments and clashes within the band. Surprisingly they came back together in 2004 and have been together since then.