Mt.Nebo FFA’s Pasture Golf was a Shovel-Swinging Success

On September 7th, Juab High’s Mt. Nebo FFA held their September social activity: Pasture Golf. Participants met up in the Red Cliffs’ parking lot at 6. The FFA advisor, Mr. Burton, showed up fashionably late and his students didn’t miss the chance to tease him about his shorts. After everyone arrived, people piled into vehicles to drive a short distance to the real destination, the Pay family fields.

       Upon arrival, students took out their shovels and joined Mr. Burton and a herd of horses in the pasture. Mr. Burton, with the help of Morgan Loveless, explained the rules of the game. Kids competed in groups of up to four. They used their shovels to hit wiffle balls around the set up course. Each of the nine holes were spread out and marked with a stick with a number.

      A speaker was set up to blast music that could be heard around the course. Mr. Burton traveled around the course as well, playing, making sure no one hit a horse with a ball, and pulling a wagon of freezer-pops for students. After everyone had taken a turn around the course, Burton called for an FFA picture in front of the tractor. 

     The event ended with a driving contest, to see who could fit the farthest. The competition started slowly but soon more and more people joined in. In the end, Staten Shepherd won the title for both farthest hit and most broken shovels. 

      As pasture golf started becoming pasture baseball, and the marker for the ending hole was stolen, Burton called for a clean up. With the golden sun starting to sink at 6:30, FFA’s pasture golf activity came to an end.