The Winter Classic

The Wasp  in the winter classic. It starts on Dec 9,2022 and ends Dec 10,2022. At the Hive at juab high school.

The winter classic will be in the Hive this year. They will be putting tarp over the track and turf field so the wrestlers can camp out there. The reason we do this event is because it’s juabs big thing, just how the miller ironman is big for thing. The weight class for this year is 120 to 215+, but we do not know what teams will be in it this year sadly. The point system is a pin is 16 points a tech is 5 points then a major is 10 points.

The experience is amazing, it’s loud, chaotic and exciting.Its also very crowded and full of life but the sucky thing is that it starts to stink with all those wrestlers. I hope I was able to bring new information to life for you guys.