Rock away from Valentine’s Day, what really happened this Valentines Dance?

First Sadie’s, now sweethearts, the second girls choice dance for our own Juab high school. This dance took place at young living farms with balloons, lights, and blasting music to guide the way. It was not hard to spot the absolute party that was the sweethearts dance. Thank you to our amazing student government who set it all up. Some noticeable things at the dance were the beautiful Valentine-themed dresses, the gentlemen on the dance floor, the hyped-up music, and the fun time with friends and that someone special in your life. 

It’s nice to take a Saturday and get ready with your friends while trying to shake away the dance jitters. Cute pictures were taken with all the groups and couples, so make sure to check out social media to find our fellow students and their cute dates. Some of the enjoyable moments were the taste in music and the poster slideshow that the student government put on showing ways people got asked out and how they responded. The mosh pit is something that needs to be mentioned, as it was the moment where a crowded room of high schoolers got to shake off the dance jitters. With the excellent choice in music, the lights also added an excellent touch to the moment as they brought it all together smoothly. 

Some might call this dance a rave from the amazing people music and sick DJ, but the element of love that was intoxicating the air at this dance just added that extra touch to bring it all together. 

Magenta McDonald

Magenta McDonald is a sophomore at Juab High School. She enjoys playing tennis and bullying Cailyn. At school she loves to hang out and just have a good time. In the future, Magenta plans to be a scientist that cures cancer, but if that doesn't work out, she plans to be a writer or English teacher. This is her first year in journalism, so she’s hoping to test the waters in the writing world…even with her procrastinating problem. She hopes one day people will figure out what a peskitarian is and not drive her bananas, but in the meantime, Magenta is just gonna roll with life and always remember the quote, “Drop your socks and grab your crocs, we're about to get wet on this ride," said by Tony Stark, and Cailyn .