Juab Girls Basketball & the Road to State

The Juab Girls Basketball team has been pushing through their season with resilience and strength. Their coaches are Coach Lovell, Welburn, and Jones have been leading them through a great season. The seniors are Ava Cuff, Lucy Richards, Addison Hyatt, and Emmy Lovell. Friday, February 16th is the second round of state for the girls. The Juab team was the 6th seed and played Morgan, the 11th seed, on Friday night. We played them at home, which is always nice for the girls because they have the support of their classmates screaming their names in the pit. 

Lucy Richards, a senior on the team, says, “This team means the whole world to me. We truly are best friends. Everyone works so hard and is always lifting each other up. The culture is so positive and I’m so grateful to be a part of this team.”The love and support they get from peers, teachers, parents, and family helps them get through their games. They are noticeably more motivated and excited to play at home. Throughout the season, they have had a total of 15 wins and 9 losses. The season has been filled with ups and downs, including several injuries. It’s heartbreaking when talented athlete can’t play in the season because of an injury. Amongst these trials, the team has been able to persevere through struggles.

Coach Lovell says, “It’s fun to coach these girls because they love playing. They all work together. If they play tonight, like how they have been playing all season, we have a good shot at winning.” From Coach Lovells wise words, we can clearly see the togetherness and closeness the team shares. Make sure to congratulate the girls on their amazing season. We are proud that they represent our school, on and off the court. Their dedication is admirable, and all athletes can learn from them how to be great leaders. Now they’re onto their next round at state!