Juab’s Cinderella

For the past four months, the Juab High School Drama Department has been tirelessly working to piece together the magical musical that is “Cinderella”. Throughout the process, the cast of “Cinderella” has been through many trials.

Because of the strict COVID standards, the directors of the show had to create two casts. For cast A Cinderella, The Prince, The Fairy Godmother, and Lord Pinkleton, were played by Kaitlyn Allred(12), Chandler Ludlow(10), Vashti Corray(10), and Hayden Williams(11). Cast B’s Cinderella, Prince, Fairy Godmother, and Lord Pinkleton were played by Savannah Hanks(12), Roy Allred(12), Rylee Crum(12) and Jacob Hanks(10).

They began rehearsals early September. The cast members were required to dance and sing with face masks on at all times. Maelee Burraston (11) said “ The hardest part about wearing a mask during rehearsals was breath support. The numbers in the musical were difficult and took a lot of breath out of me.” Aside from wearing face masks, in November before the original performance dates, the governor’s new mandate required the production and rehearsals to be postponed. Rehearsals were held on zoom for 2 weeks. When the drama department finally got word that they can proceed to perform, they set new dates. The cast was rushing to get the set and costumes finished. By December 7th, the show was ready to go on .

Members of the Clarion Staff, Breanne Gardiner(10), Rebecca Marchant(10), Maelee Burraston (11) Rylee Crum (12), Sydney Samuelson(12), also participated in “ Cinderella. For many people in the Cinderella cast, it was their first Juab musical production.  The show turned out to be an entrancing production. Even though it was a long journey, the Juab Drama Department still managed to put on a spectacular performance as always.