NHS Assisting in Juab’s Halloween Shenanigans

With Halloween right around the corner, the Sterling Scholars and NHS have been ensuring Juab county’s Halloween activities run smoothly. You may not realize it, but if you have attended anything relating to Halloween in Juab, our amazing high school helpers assisted in making that happen. 

For example, the most notable is the Ghost Tours. For some context, the Ghost Tours are put on by the city library where city employees take those interested around town to the haunted sites of Nephi. Here, they read stories of real life encounters with the undead. These tours are a great experience for all. The best part is that NHS helped with a good majority of it. They helped edit the stories, advertise, and set up the trailer for the rides. Next, the Sterling Scholars took turns reading the stories on certain nights leading up to Halloween. 

The National Honors Society has also been visiting our local nursing homes. They decided to conduct a reverse trick or treat to the residents at Laurel Groves nursing home. It was a whole lot of fun, with many dressed up in their Halloween costumes and even a little bit of premature caroling. Overall, the residents were overjoyed, and they are looking forward to their next visit from these high school students. 

If that wasn’t enough, the Sterling Scholars made a stop at Mona Elementary for their annual Halloween carnival. Decked out in Halloween costumes, the Sterling Scholars were helping with learning activities in each classroom along with the prizes in the main gym. Even better, a few of the members dawned the school’s mascot for Mona Elementary’s parade. 

As one can see, NHS and the Sterling Scholars have been busy. They’ve been a great assent to the community and look forward to serving wherever they are needed.