A Win and a Loss from Juab Football State Games

Juab kicked off the state by destroying North Sanpete!! North Sanpete started off strong by making a touchdown during the first five minutes of the game, making the score 3-0. Juab hurries and makes 4 touchdowns during the first quarter. Juab made two first downs during the first few plays. During the beginning of second quarter Juab fumbles the ball but saves that with a tackle on North Sanpete, who had the ball. North Sanpete makes a first down. Juab catches North Sanpete thrown by Number one Beau Halvorson. 

North Sanpete calls a timeout after Juabs first down; North Sanpete makes a touchdown, switching the score from three to six. The score is now 14-6; Juab gets tackled with ball in hand by North Sanpete during the 40 yard line! We get a flag and there’s a make off for North Sanpete. Juab makes another scoring touchdown and makes it in the goal post. The score is now 21-6; during third period Juab makes another touchdown which makes us 27-6 and north Sanpete makes another touchdown too. The end score of the quarter is 34-13 but sadly during the last three minutes North Sanpete’s player gets injured. Fourth quarter was interesting with players on both sides getting angered wanting to win. The end game score was 40-13.

Juab takes the win from the Quarterfinals to advance them to the Semi finals. Juab struggles in the first quarter scoring no points! Manti started it off strong, scoring two touchdowns making the score 13-0. Manti gets a tackle on Juab. Juab makes the first down, Manti then gets yet another tackle on Juab. Juab is able to get a tackle down on Manti at the first down. Manti calls for time out. We take the field again, touch down Manti. Score is now 20-0. Going into the 2nd quarter Juab is struggling to catch up and make a play. Player down on Juab, Stockton shepherd (#7 Wide receiver) gets hurt. Manti then fouls the ball, parents, players, and coaches are now angry. Manti smokes just in the semi final with a final score of 47-10 to end Juabs 2023 football season.