Juab Drill Team Journey

We all know who the Drill team is, we see them in the summertime while they perform at our local parade, we also see them at the derby performing, who knows you may even see them in the morning at practice. When school starts you see them at every home football game performing! 

When do they stop? Almost seems like they never do. The drill team’s season doesn’t start until it’s closer to around basketball season. Drill team season is classified as a “Winter Sport” but they perform all year round. 

They have been preparing for their upcoming competitions. While preparing for their upcoming competitions they have also been performing at boys and girls basketball games. They love cheering on the basketball teams and also performing at their games! They’re great practice for the team to help them look their best. 

The drill team says they have loved all the support they’ve had from the school and the community this year! The community and school is a big support system that the drill team loves. They appreciate and thank everyone that has supported them in years past and currency now. They can’t wait to go and represent Juab this weekend at their very first competition of the season.