Ending Season Scores for Girls Volleyball

Scores and Highlights

On October 25, the Juab girls volleyball team found themselves in the in-state playoffs against North Sanpete. Although they had a losing score of 3 to 1, our girls volleyball teams still put up quite the fight to get as far as they did. Set one was 25 from North Sanpete and 18 from Juab, second set was 25 to 20, the third set was 24 to 26, set four was 25 to 21. The game ended with a 3 to 1 loss. Juab showed their power, however, when they got 127 kills, 8 total blocks, 112 assists, and 317 receptions. 

Congratulations to #10 Ava Cuff for 42 kills. Aiden Barley, #27, on 6 blocks, Ashlyn Wright, #18 on 11 serving aces, and #5 Mckartnie Skousen with 66 digs. Throughout this season, the girls volleyball team for Juab has put up quite the fight and has shown their dedication to both the team and the sport. They played hard and gave it all they could. The remaining players are excited for the next season and all that comes with it along the way.

 They put up both a fight and show this season with their dedication and excitement. We’re sad to see it end so soon but it just leaves more time for some rest and the preparation of the upcoming season. October 25ths game was one to remember. Their loss may have been a bit of a bummer but the fight they gave and how much they care about each other gave the audience something to remember. Farewell to the senior players and may you always find joy in the sport. Good luck to the upcoming grades and may you be able to keep up the fight for the next season.      Winter is approaching and with that, the ending of most of our teams but the upcoming seasons for our other players so make sure to show just as much love to them as we did for volleyball.