Look out for Cameras

Have you ever been walking the halls of Juab High School and been stopped by some random
student asking to take a picture? Fear not, for these people are not creepy stalkers, but the staff
of the yearbook!
The Book We All Love
Most love the yearbook that comes at the end of the school year—but in order for that magic
book to be made and delivered to us, it needs to be filled with photos of the students that fill the
halls. There are about 160 pages in that book: of which, hundreds of pictures need to be taken
in order to fill them.
As a member and editor of the school yearbook, I beg of you: when one of the staff asks to take
a picture, please be polite and let them snap a pic! We need them desperately, so be mindful;
we promise you look good.
If you ever see one of us armed with a camera, standing away from the crowd, do something
worth taking or picture of (you might see it printed at the end of the year!)