An Insight to Dancing

   Dancing is a way for the body to move freely, purposely, and meaningfully. Dance can be seen and used in so many different ways. Dancing is a way that calms your soul. It’s a time to be you and you can move to the music how you want to. It’s all however you want to dance, it’s time for you. People dance in so many different ways. 

    Dancing with the drill team has been such a fun 4 years of my life, this type of dancing has been different from my past years. Drill team we are as one, we all have to move and look the same. It’s fun at times and can also be hard. We love what we do and the time it takes for us to get to where we are. 

     Dancing takes dedication like every other sport, you have to work for how well of a dancer you want to be. It’s never easy but you have to start somewhere. Dance is a way of being free and expressing yourself.