Seniors Celebrate The Beginning Of Their Last Year At Senior Sunrise

This past week for homecoming all seniors were invited to watch the sunrise on the football field to signify the beginning of their last year here at Juab High.

The event took place Thursday morning on the football field where everyone gathered on blankets or in the stands to watch the beautiful sunrise; that meant they had reached the beginning of the end of their academics at Juab. 

The sunrise also had people gathering the night before to spend the night just to make sure they didn’t miss it and to be first in line for the wonderful breakfast prepared by the fantastic SBO’s, who we have to thank for planning it all. 

The students who stayed overnight were all pretty clever with their sleeping arrangements with some sleeping in tents on the field and others in hammocks under the bleachers. It was quite the experience for all of them with all of them braving the storm that passed and the other students that night. 

Some accounts from the night quoted the noisy neighbors keeping them up all night with flashlights or snoring while others just quoted the wonderful experience they had spending time with a bunch of their friends and all the different games they played throughout the night. 

This is always a fun activity done for the seniors during homecoming week, and it’s always good to go to the senior sunset that is held at the end of each year. It will hopefully be carried on for many more years as the school continues to grow and change. And to all next year’s seniors, be sure to go and bring a bunch of friends so we can keep the tradition going for all the future students of Juab.