Local Halloween Story #2; The Lady in Purple

The Lady in Purple

A ghost, according to the dictionary, is an apparition of a dead person who is believed to appease or become manifest to the living or an nebulous image. The ghost story of the Lady in Purple was reported to local news broadcasters. The story goes as follows: on the streets of Salt Lake City is the Rio Grande Cafe, known for the mysterious occurrences happening for the last few years. Imagine you’re an employee at this peaceful cafe and you notice lights randomly going out, or rooms suddenly locking. That was what manager Colleen Murphy explained to local news when they investigated the strangeness of the sweet cafe. 

The legend of the cafe explains that a woman had gotten into an argument with her fiancé when she tossed her ring onto the train tracks. In realization she made a mistake, she quickly and regretfully went to retrieve the ring where she was immediately struck and killed by an oncoming train. This 1980 story spread fast over the years as more and more occurrences were noticed. Employees claim to hear crying and singing throughout a shift and lights randomly going out. Locked rooms will have lights flicker, forcing employees to fix the electrical problem. One of the most important sightings is a tall lady wearing a purple dress who roams the halls, crying and screaming. She has been known to cry, sing, scream, and terrify the employees and guests roaming the halls. Investigators have tried to locate the exact positions of this creepy and depressed woman, but whenever they get close, she quickly disappears and terrorizes guests and employees. This Salt Lake City cafe story has grown over the years after the cafe became popular for its spooky sightings and occurrences. The Lady in Purple can still be found in the Rio Grande Cafe in Salt Lake City.