Provita President Discusses Upcoming Season

Provita has a long and beloved history at Juab High School. From the Thriller dance at Halloween to the Flashlight Dance during Christmas, students eagerly look forward to watching our girls dance. I sat down (masks on of course) with Provita’s President, Madison Woodland, to get her take on the upcoming season.

Madison is a senior, and when asked about how she feels about it being her last year she replies, “It’s definitely bittersweet because when you’re a freshman you’re like, ‘Senior year will never get here,’ but once you’re here you realize, ‘Oh, I wish I was a freshman again so I could do this all over again because it’s such a good experience.’” 

It’s a testament to the drill team that someone would miss it enough to want to redo all four years. Of course, a big contribution to this is the coaches. Madison says her coaches, Lisa and Marci, are really good at pushing the girls to do their best. 

This mother daughter duo has been coaching together for 14 years, and Lisa has been coaching for 34 years. Marci does most of the choreographing, but the team has their input, and Lisa makes sure they laugh and have fun. 

A typical day for the drill team members begins bright and early: practice starts at six fifteen in the morning. If it’s football season the team will practice the dance they will perform at the next game. If it’s competition season, they will rotate between the three competition routines. 

Competition season is what Madison is most excited for. “You see our routines go from simple, basic routines to so much more. They get more difficult and more fun to watch, and more fun to do as we get closer to state.” 

This year instead of a kick or character dance, the drill team will be performing a show routine. This new category is mainly judged on how entertaining the actual dance is. Madison says it’s a lot like the character dance, and this year the girls will be dressed as painters. 

The team’s first tournament is scheduled for December 18, at least for now. Madison says her biggest fear for this season isn’t injuries or ripped outfits, but COVID-19. “Covid is messing with…where the competitions will be, if we’ll be able to have audiences and stuff, so that’s mostly what I’m nervous about.” A very understandable fear, but thankfully the girls still have each other. When asked what her favorite part of drill team is, she responds with no hesitation, “The girls and the relationships I have with them. We’re all coming together and bonding over something that we love. At the beginning of the season, everyone’s shy and no one really talks, but even by the time summer gets over we have this sisterhood. It’s awesome.”

As our drill team enters their competition season, we wish them luck, and we hope they get a season!