Switching it up College Style

Pull out your notebook and pens because Snow College is about to rock your educational world. Snow College in Ephraim offers a great program to students here at Juab High School where said high school students can take college courses. This is a beautiful opportunity for students to challenge themselves while getting college credit for it. 

Now, college classes vary depending on time, teacher, and credit. One will never get the same experience from one class to another. There is an abundant amount of diversity. Snow has every interest point covered, and there is no doubt students will find a topic they are passionate about through these classes. 

In fact, Addison Johnson (senior) quotes her favorite class as History of Rock and Roll with Luca, and Rylee Ludlow (senior) says Human Biology with Adrian Peterson was a memorable learning experience. 

Oftentimes, those who take such college classes are working to achieve their completer’s certificate. This certificate represents all of a student’s core classes. This is an excellent way to get a headstart if someone is planning on furthering their education at college. The cherry on top is that it only costs $5 per credit hour. Not only is concurrent enrollment beneficial towards time but also beneficial on the financial side. 

When it comes to the completer’s certificate, a student only needs 30 credit hours. Now, that is not a lot of classes when you realize most classes are often 3 credit hours. Doing the math, that’s only 10 classes a student needs to take in order to get their core credits out of the way before evening stepping foot at a college. 

These classes push students to better themselves and expand their knowledge. Concurrent enrollment is the perfect opportunity for students craving a challenge; therefore, the next time you get a chance, talk to your counselor and see how CE classes can benefit you. I promise you, you won’t regret pushing your limits. In fact, you’ll realize how much you can actually do.