Speech and Debate Argues to the Top

Details About the State Competition for Speech and Debate 

From March 15th to 16th at SUU, speech and debate teams went to the state. The long ride and overnight stay led to a fabulous win by some of our peers. Schools such as Manti, Rowland Hall, North Sanpete, Emery, and Carbon all competed with Juab students. The competitions were held at not only SUU but also Carbon High School and Utah State University on the eastern campuses. Some things that competitors, such as Melaina Bork, Liesel Kretchmer, Rory Allred, and Riley Bronson, mentioned were how 10 of our Juab students made it to the final rounds in speech. 

Lad Holman and Macee Ercinbrack, our “PF” team, both got into the top three. Henry Everett landed first in Interp, and Sebastian Padilla won first in Impromptu. When asked what the team’s goal was, Melaina Bork answered, “To have fun and to win.” The coaches hope for the season that everyone on the Speech and Debate team will enjoy what they are doing and will find events to excel in. March has arrived, and because of that, school is sadly almost over. All clubs and sports are about to lose their players and members.

If you’re interested in speech and debate and all of the possibilities it has to offer, talk to Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Montoya. Speech and debate may seem intimidating, but the skills students have learned from them and the knowledge they have gained outweigh the pressure and anxiety by a whole lot. Join the team soon and learn what you need to do in order to make Juab number one.