Mr. Olson’s New Business Management Class had a Blast Visiting Local Businesses!

Mr. Olson’s Business Management Class got to go up to tour Vivint and Qualtrics Locations.

This year, Mr. Olson has had a new class to juggle: Business Management. This class seeks students interested in the FBLA Club at our school while focusing on developing sound management concepts within students as management plays a role in any future employment opportunity.

To start off the year, they had  a quick trip up to a couple businesses, the first one being at Vivint. Vivint networks all home smart systems for security, energy, and automation. While touring Vivint, many of our students learned about how an employee’s typical work day there is spent. This could be answering phone calls, focusing on the backend of finance, testing and shipping off products, and much more. Students also learned about the various benefits that come to a job like this at a big company, such as meals provided throughout the day.

Next stop, Qualtrics. Qualtrics gives organizations powerful tools to design and continuously improve customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. If you’ve ever seen a survey at the end of an email or receipt, it’s most likely had something to do with Qualtrics. A co-founder of Qualtrics, a name you might recognize, is Ryan Smith – AKA the owner of the Utah Jazz. While touring around the headquarters of Qualtrics, our Business Management students ran into many dogs, snacks, and friendly workers willing to show them what they did at work. From lunch, to the gym, and even playing pool with friends, there were countless things to do in this building that you would never get bored of! Speaking of lunch, Mr. Olson’s class ended the day with a few pepperoni pizzas before heading back home.

Mr. Olson hopes to do many more fun yet educational trips like this for his classes in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about not just business, but really anything to do with management, feel free to put Business Management on your schedule!