Local Halloween Story #1; The Boy in Burrstons

Spooky Story Collection

Burraston ponds is known for the fun rope swings and excellent fishing spots. It’s green and is always full of paddle boards and canoes. This fun social spot seems too good to be true for such a small town. It’s the perfect hang out spot with the worst stories. 

Many years ago, (the classic spooky story beginning), Burraston ponds allowed overnight campers. However, this was changed very quickly after a couple sightings of a boy in a green sweater. If you asked an old camper from back in the day what they heard from when Burrastons allowed overnight stays, they may tell the same story. The boy in the green sweater was often seen roaming the ponds, pail and drenched in water. He would oftentimes go up to visitors and ask if they had seen his fishing pole. 

The story explains a young boy at the age of maybe 12 who had lost his fishing pole after falling off his canoe. He would walk up to campers and ask if they had seen it. If the confused campers say they can help the boy find his pole or help him back to his camp, the boy will thank them and as they walk through the ponds, will randomly disappear as if a simple shadow. 

Another version of this goes to say how, if the boy attempts to talk, only water will come out of his mouth. Both versions are scary to say the least as many people have come forward on social media and admitted to seeing the boy. They all describe a boy by the age of 12 wearing a green jacket who walks up to people or roams the ponds and will ask if they have seen his fishing pole. If people decide to help him, the boy soon disappears within the ponds just as fast as he had appeared. It’s said you can still find the boy and attempt to help him find his pole but he disappears just as fast as he appears. Look out for a water logged little boy with the green jacket.