Cross Country Runs Through This Season

Cross country is a mostly flat, grassy run with slight ups and downs through shaded fairways. It’s one of the athletic sports where you run long distances. We reached out to a Cross Country member, Kenzee Slater, to see how she feels about this year. Kenzee stated, “while most of the team is freshman there are a few upper-class students as well. They don’t see much of a possibility for us to get into state but it can be possible if we are lucky enough to. With not a lot of experience we can see why the upper class students would think that way.” 

Cross country members are confident in how much progress they have made and are sure that they will have a great year. One of the cross country members has mentioned how much they like having same minded people on the team and how they can make a lot of new friends. Some of the students are there for the competition while others are there for the fun of it. Seeing progress is a fulfilling outcome from the sport. 

Cross country is very tiring: mentally and physically. The typical course is usually 2.8-3.2 miles. The members have to run this in a short amount of time. They run, on average, 6 minutes and 30 seconds per mile. At practice they do around 5-7 miles per run which would mean they run about 30 minutes without breaks! The key importance is to be well rested, drink plenty of water, and to be in a good mindset. 

They may not make it into state, but the cross country team is doing very well and experiencing a lot of different outcomes of the sport. They say it’s a very fulfilling, uplifting sport and it’s something to feel proud of.