Wanna Get All Fancy At Other Schools? Here’s Some Things You Need to Know.

Going to Dances – New Requirements

In the past, you could show up and see a Delta Rabbit busting it down on the home territory of the Wasps during Homecoming. You’d turn and see a Hawk at the hip of a girl you sit next to in English at Sadie Hawkins; at the doors to prom, you’d catch sight of a Templar suited up. However, rules towards students from other schools have changed this year, so while the sight of foreign students in our halls might not change, the circumstances are. 

Permission Slips

Starting this school year, students that want to attend a different school for a school dance are required to get a permission slip signed by administration. For example, I went to North Sanpete’s Homecoming; before I could show up, I had to get a sheet of paper from that school; I had to fill out some specific information; and then Vice Principal JJ had to sign away on it. Once returned, I had to show identification at the dance, but once that was all done, I could party. 

Some important information to consider: if you are bringing someone from a different school, you have to get them a slip that they have to get signed. You have to turn in the slip at least two days before the event; if not, don’t expect to be let in. If you want to party with the Rabbits or the Templars, make sure you turn in the permission slip

Although this new policy seems a little extensive, safety is a high priority in the minds of every school district. If you really want to go dance with your North Sanpete boyfriend, ask him for the slip, get it signed, and turn it in—you’ll have a good time, because I sure did.