Solar Eclipse Spectacle

Get out your sunglasses! On October 14th, there will be an eclipse. This event will cross over most of America, but luckily for us, Utah is in the middle of the eclipse’s path. This particular eclipse is a solar eclipse, which means that the sun will be blocked by the moon. Here in Nephi, we will only be able to see a partial eclipse; nonetheless, it will still be amazing. In fact, these eclipses are pretty rare, happening only 2-4 times a year.

          Now, other states will see a slight shadow over the sun, which might look slightly different. Compared to us, it will look like a slight dot on the corner of the sun. In Utah, however, we will see a large black sphere in the middle of the sun during the eclipse. This rare event will only last for around four minutes at approximately 11:20 am. To experience this event to its full extent, it’s best to go south. Anywhere from Manti to St. George will have a beautiful view. Go check it out!