Boys Baseball Prepares for the Season

The baseball team has been preparing for their next season after coming off of a state championship win. The team has prepared for this season by entering a BYU baseball league. This league has many 5-6A teams entered in it, putting up some good competition for the players. JHS has had three games so far, but sadly they’re 0-3 as of right now, after facing American Fork, Clearfield, and Maple Mountain. Along with a tough streak of pitching issues, the team also hasn’t been able to get into a groove with hitting against their opponents.

          Luckily, there is an upside to this. Juab is a smaller school compared to others in this league; a good amount of the team play other sports like football. This makes them not eligible to play in this league with our team. This gives some of the younger players more of an opportunity to practice and show their skills to the coaches. Some of the larger schools, such as American Fork, have enough kids in their school that their students only have to play one sport. This gives them an advantage against us because they can bring their A team to these games while Juab can’t have all of their players. 

        For only having a part of the team, Juab is putting up a good fight against full 6A teams. This is also an opportunity for some of the younger kids to learn how to play against more skillful players in actual games, which can give us an advantage in our high school league later this school year.

Jack Peterson

Jack is one of the many sleep deprived sophomores at Juab High School. Jack is a part of the JHS baseball team. He loves to travel with his family and spend his money on many unnecessary purchases, such as buying 10 pairs of shoes randomly. When he’s not playing or practicing baseball, he loves to hang out and go riding with his friends.