Tips for Freshmen (to Survive This School Year)

If you are a freshman, you may have noticed how crowded the hallways are after every class period. Sometimes you can get pushed around if you are in the way. Sometimes it’s even just hard to figure out what to do in highschool, so here are some tips to help you survive this school year.

  1. Make new friends. Making friends is just a dip into the highschool experience. Friends will be able to help you smile, laugh, not feel alone and even help with assignments. Friends are able to make times fly by so much faster than just staring at the clock every class period wishing that time would move by faster to get the day over with.
  2. Stay on top of assignments. You may think that brushing off one assignment isn’t much and that you will do it later when you get home. But when you get home all you want to do is relax, maybe play some video games and just hang out. But all of the sudden you have 20 mission assignments and you have a 1.0 GPA. Trust me, it isn’t worth it. Get your assignments done and push through it because these past 4 years will go by way too fast and soon you will be graduating.
  3. Charge your iPad. This concept goes along with #2: Be sure to bring your iPad. Without your iPad you will not be able to finish assignments and will fall behind. And yes, you can use the chrome books in the library but you have to return them every period, and they can be very hard to use especially when you don’t know how to use them. Your iPad has a new case where it has a built- in keyboard, so you will be able to type faster and more efficiently. 
  4. Be involved in school related activities. Can’t stress you enough about this. When you are involved in activities such as after school sports, or just fun things that we do year round, people will get to know you better and you can show the school spirit as well. It’s an excuse to get out of the house and go hang out with friends, or even meet some new ones. Be sure you have someone to drive you though!
  5. Respect your teachers. Your teachers have a lot in their hands, you don’t need to add onto that. Be sure to talk when you are asked to and raise your hand when it is appropriate. If you have a question, our teachers will be more than willing to help so you can be successful. Don’t be scared to ask for help because nobody is going to judge you for it. Say hello to your teachers when walking to class or start just a small conversation if they aren’t busy.           
image0 (1).jpeg

If you follow these steps it will be an easy school year, and a good highschool experience for everyone. Be sure to make friends, stay on top of your assignment(s), charge your iPad, be involved, and respect your teachers.