Upcoming Competition for FFA/Welding hosted at JHS

On September 20th, the FFA will host a competition at the fairgrounds, hosted by Juab High School, where teams from across the state will compete. This competition comprises three main parts: welding, agricultural mechanics, and animal science.

The welding and agricultural mechanics segments will be at Juab’s welding shop. Participants compete individually, even though they work in teams. This competition evaluates their ability to read weld maps accurately and proficiency in identifying various welding processes and positions.

In the agricultural mechanics category, contestants will be assessed based on their ability to identify tools used in farming, concrete work, electrical systems, and mechanical applications. 

Additionally, they will undergo testing to evaluate their general knowledge in these areas. The competition will include a hands-on component where participants will weld metal plates in various positions: vertical, flat, horizontal, and plug welding. These welds will undergo visual inspection to identify imperfections, with points deducted for each error found.

The agricultural section of the competition will take place at the fairgrounds. Participants will engage in various categories: livestock, horses, milk quality, floriculture, forestry, agronomy, range veterinary science, meats, food science, and poultry.

If you require further information, please visit Mr. Burton’s or Mr. Weeks’ classrooms during school hours.