Blinding Lights At Junior Prom

Between the twinkling lights and the sparkly dresses, our eyes definitely caught at this prom! This year’s theme was “Bright Lights in the Big City”. The theme was Chosen up by the Jr. Prom chair, Sufia Kahn. The Junior Class were exceedingly committed. The school held practices for the floor show once a day for a week. Lisa Blackett, a member of the community and the drill team head coach, and Tina Squire, a PE teacher in the school and drivers ED teacher were brought in. Lisa Blackett, with years of experience, choreographed the slow dance and a student, Macey Christensen, choreographed the fast dance. 

Students performed this for their parents, friends, families, and anyone else in the community who wanted to come. They danced to “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanches for their slow dance and “Party In the USA” by Miley Cyrus for their fast dance. Students wore fancy floor-length dresses. Lanterns hung from the ceilings lit up by twinkle lights. The walls were lined with Cardboard skyscrapers where lights peeked through every window. Large sparkly silver and black tulle swooped down from the ceiling with lights strung throughout, welcoming each student and their date. 

Juniors of Juab High walked from one side of the gym to the other while Junior Class Officers read the names of every proud parent. Each student also signed a yellow star, then faculty laminated them to have the Hollywood walk of fame for the students to walk out on. Everyone performed wonderfully and the whole night went smoothly. It was a huge success to say the least! Everyone shined underneath the Bright lights.