JHS Students lend a helping hand for 9/11 Community Day of Service

This past weekend on September 9th, with the help of our Juab High School Student Government, Drill, and Football team, Nephi City hosted The Community Day of Service. This event consisted of different activities to get everyone together, help raise money for unpaid lunch bills in the Juab School District, and gather food for the Local Food Bank while keeping the 9/11 incident in mind.

The day started off early with 5K and 1K races at 8 A.M., which led to a very important flag ceremony. During this time, it was made clear what the purpose of this day was; “we are not here to celebrate this day, yet to be reminded of the incident that happened.” Soon, as we got started with the Pay-to-Play cornhole and spikeball tournaments, kids were quick to line up at the sign-ups while games were getting quite competitive.

A big portion of this event was the food drive; people were asked to place their canned items out to be given to the Local Food Bank. With the help of our amazing Local Library Youth Council Volunteers and JHS Football team, we were able to bring the final total of food items to 1,891 pounds!

Remembering 9/11 is important to commemorate the lives lost, pay tribute to the heroes who responded, and ensure that the lessons of that tragic day continue to guide our commitment to national unity, security, and resilience. Although this all happened in a very short amount of time, we were able to make a difference in our community – and that’s what matters.