90 years of The Clarion

Since the article, Origins of The Clarion, we have been wondering when the first edition of The Clarion was published. 

But with a little unearthing (and a lot of help) we have original copies of volume VII, from 1932. This means that the first edition of the Clarion dates back to 1925, contrary to our past article. 

Scot Wherland, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus at Washington State University recently contacted us with this information. His mother was an editor in 1932, and had kept some of the newspapers. We are thankful to him for letting us know, and being willing to send these articles, so big shout-out to him.

We hope you enjoy our content! Our class puts a lot of effort and hours into our articles, and we appreciate the support!

If you want to view the original issues, talk to Mrs. Settle or email us at jhsclarion@gmail.com.