Senior Advice to Start Off Strong

Are you a freshman and worried about the new school year? Because it is now August, and nearly September; so inevitably, school has begun again. For seniors, the last first day draws near and ends bittersweetly. For the underclassman, they have a year or more to attend another first day. However, the freshmen entering Juab High’s walls haven’t figured out the knicks, the tips, or the tricks to endure for four whole years of the wild. Do not fear! The seniors of the Clarion are here to offer some advice for the youngin’s that want to do well. 

Our beloved Web Developer Sufia Khan says, “Go home and do your homework instead of immediately relaxing.”

Along those same lines, Ariel Kelsey adds, “Don’t procrastinate. It’s not good. I know from experience,” and as the Editor-in-Chief, she probably knows a thing or two. 

“Most teachers want to have fun,” Co-Editor-in-Chief Sidney Hancock advises. “So be respectful and you’ll have some fun.”

Garrett Martin states, “Come to school; make it to class on time,” and Mason Ekins quotes, “Be involved in school. It’s more fun that way.”

Senior year comes by before you know it. Four years really is not that long. High school is the American way of transitioning from a teenager into an adult; it is where you learn good and bad habits that will make or break your life when you graduate and enter into the real world. Being on time, getting your work done, and knowing when to take a break and relax are all good lessons you learn now. 

Be responsible now, and you won’t regret it. Make this year and the many years after it the best you can make them!