A New School Year is on the Rise

Welcome back to a brand new school year! We are so excited for you to read some new articles from The Clarion and meet some new staff in our staff bio section!

We’ve had some fun things happen these first few weeks of school. Starting off with our first day assembly. We got to meet our new SBO’s and some new teachers. We also got to play some fun games, watch the drill team dance, and even learned a few new cheers from the cheer team for football season this year.

Speaking of football season, we’ve had 2 football games already. Hopefully all of you get to go to football games because they are some of the highlights of your high school career. The Pit is always partying hard. Even if you don’t understand football it’s still an amazing experience to be there to enjoy the game and to cheer on our fellow Juab Wasps.

Some other activities that our SBO’s have put together were our Back to School Bash and the movie night on the football field. Students gathered at the field with their chairs and blankets and enjoyed watching Cars on the score board screen and hanging out with their friends. The Back to School Bash was held on the night of the first day of school. Students got to play numerous games such as volleyball and spike ball.

With all of that covered, there are some things to be aware of. Homecoming on September 23rd along with the dress up week. Check up with The Clarion or Juab High Schools Instagram to know what the dress up is. Read the student handbook for changes to the attendance policy and dress code. Also the new wasp learning Friday schedule. (The Clarion will have a separate article about that so make sure you check it out.)