Writers Unite!

The Creative Writing Club kicks off their first meeting with a party

Icebreaker games, treats, prompts, poetry, sharing, and laughs. All aspects were shared in the first meeting of the Creative Writing Club last Friday, on the 25th. The wonderful students came ready to learn about their peers, and were excited to share how they developed as writers. Future meetings will be held every Friday in Mrs. Settle’s room after school. Although the club was founded only two years ago by the lovely Mrs. Settle and recent graduate Haylie Winn, the organization has already impacted many students who have participated.  

Founder Haylie Winn says, “The club was a free space to write, share, and collaborate. For the first two years the club was small and quiet, but had passionate members who loved to write.” The new president of the writing club is Addison Johnson, a dedicated literature lover, who also happens to be the English sterling scholar! Experienced in her field, she is excited to welcome all into a loving and accepting environment. Because many of the members last year were seniors, the leaders are working diligently on welcoming new members.

 Whether it’s silent writing time, collaborating ideas, or needing help on homework, every student of every background is welcome to join this club. No matter what students may say, every one of them has creativity flowing through their blood—they may just need help articulating it into words. Writing club is an integral part of developing this skill. The President Addison Johnson and Vice President Marietta Flake know that there are some phenomenal students and exceptional writers that would benefit from joining The Creative Writing Club. 

President, Addison Johnson working hard on improving the club.