Utah Preparing for the Notorious Flood’s Strike

The People of Utah are preparing for a statewide flood. Due to the heavy winter we recieved and the upcoming heat, Utah is aware of the possibilities of a flood. Southern Utah is already experiencing some flooding and preparing for more when it gets even warmer. 

People from all over the state are filling sandbags to prepare. Government and citizens are clearing creeks and rivers of trees and shrubs to make room and help prevent the flood. Gov. Cox held his monthly press conference on March 16, discussing many things including the flooding. The Daily Utah Chronicle stated “Cox said Utah needs to be prepared for the number-one disaster risk to Utah. He issued an executive order allowing eight hours of paid leave for state employees to volunteer and help when flooding occurs. Cox also asked Utahns to use common sense.

      ‘Please do not drive in flooded streets,’ he said. ‘The potential for drowning is real. Stay alert, listen to the news and weather alerts when storms are headed your way, especially if you are in the outdoors.’” Locally the city of Nephi left a bunch of sand up by the Vine Bluff Cemetery for people to come fill their sandbags. People should stay clear of fast paced moving water. The flooding is a very real situation and people need to be aware and prepared for it.