Beware The Addiction of Weight Lifting

Have you ever thought you would end up never wanting to never leave the gym? Well, most people would never think they would find themselves in this position, but most people do. How do people find themselves getting hooked to weight lifting you may ask? 

     One reason is lifting weights helps to develop self discipline. With self discipline comes a great sense of accomplishment that you’re able to keep yourself on a schedule. The success of completing this goal releases dopamine making you feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.

     However, the most addicting factor to lifting weights is, most exercises while working out release endorphins in your body. What these endorphins give you is a mini euphoria like state of happiness you are able to create from lifting weights. So with endorphins being released every workout and making you feel happy. This then makes most lifters addicted and wanting to work out or even go everyday.