Every Friday The 13th Summed Up in 10 Words or Less

Friday the 13th: How was this movie successful?

Friday the 13th, part II: Jason hits puberty.

Friday the 13th, part III: Jason finds comfort in a hockey mask.

Friday the 13th, part IV; the final chapter: Little boy commits do good murder.

Friday the 13th, a new beginning: Scooby-Doo: Retribution (rated R).

Friday the 13th, part VI; Jason Lives: Bootleg Frankenstein kills bootleggers.

Friday the 13th, part VII; The New Blood: The first Jedi Shows down with Jason.

Friday the 13th, part VIII; Jason Takes Manhattan: Jason Takes Generic City, USA.

Jason goes to hell; the final Friday:  Literally just a rip off of Nightmare On Elm Street.

Jason X:  Jason Becomes A Sith Lord (It’s an actual sci-fi movie.)

Bonus Movies

Never Hike Alone: This fan made movie is better than the originals

Never Hike In The Snow: This is basically an official movie

Freddy Vs Jason: Super Smash Bros Ultimate, unreleased M rated cut