Mt.Nebo FFA’s Donkey-Basket Game Was a Blast

The arguably most enjoyable FFA Activity is back. The Mt. Nebo FFA Chapter has many fun activities and events, one of which is the amazing Donkey Basketball. Donkey basketball is an event where teams compete in a basketball game while riding donkeys. This 2023 Mt. Nebo brought it back. It was held on Monday, March 20 in the Juab Junior High gym.

     The Event began at 7pm. The first match was between the Teachers and the SBO. Two members of the team stayed on the ground. The rest of the players were riding the donkeys. After a moment the riders adjusted and the game began. Every game was only one period and the team with the most baskets made wins.

       Both teams tried their best with hilarious results. Players were constantly hoping on and off their donkeys, chasing after the ball. From the teacher’s team Mr. Welburn had the struggle of the night with his Donkey, Kicking Sally, who wouldn’t let him get back on. He spent most of the match leading it around instead of riding. While the S.B.O.s started strong the teachers caught up. The teams tied and players swapped out for over time. In the end the teacher took the win.

     The second game was between the FFA Officers and the FFA alumni. This game was a collage of people falling off and dragging their donkeys around desperately trying to get the ball. The FFA alumni beat the FFA Officers.

      Taking a break from the riding maddens Juab High School’s incredible drill team gave a halftime performance. After that everyone saddled up for the final match between the Teacher and the FFA alumni.

       This period there were even more people dragging their donkeys around. There was great team work on both sides. In the end the Teachers won it all. Closing the event people got a chance to let the donkeys.